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Real food infused with natural herbs & spices

No MSG and no artificial ingredients - guaranteed! We source the very best of ingredients to prepare every item in our menu. The result is a healthy and tasty meal for our customers.

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We love idea of blending our authentic Sri Lankan food with a unique combination of cuisines to bring you that tantalizing flavor. Our chef Nimidu has years of culinary experience working in the hospitality industry to bring you the delectable choice food. But that’s not to say we left our heritage behind – we do offer a wide variety of authentic gourmet Sri Lankan food for your craving tastebuds and for pleasing a huge crowd.


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All the Sri Lankan groceries you need under one roof

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We are so humble and proud to be recognized by our community. We believe that its a testament to the work we put in day in and out.

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We try to deliver a great experience to our customers consistently and we are happy that its noticed.