We offer on site action stations for your special catering needs to make your event unforgettable.

Saffron Rice Lunch Party
Chicken Golden Curry
Seeni Sambol
Dhal Gravy
Fish Cutlet
Saffron Rice
White rice

Any Time Coconut Rice Meal
Pork or Chicken in roasted curry gravy
Pineapple Devilled
Potato Curry
Seeni Sambol
Fried Egg
Coconut Rice
Mustard rice

Fried Rice Dinner Party
Chicken Deviled
Pork in Black pepper
Veggie Chop Suey or Veggie Stir Fried
Egg salad
Sri Lankan Fried Rice
White rice

Another way to enjoy your Party
Chicken or pork Deviled
Egg plant Mojhu
Tofu in Seasonal Veggie
Dhal curry
Salad in a lettuce Base
Sri lankan Fried Rice
White rice

Kottu Party
Any meat Curry at your request
Sri Lankan Veggie Roti

Curry choices

Chicken (curry/devilled)

Pork (curry/devilled)

Beef (curry/stew)

Mutton/Lamb Curry

Fish Curry

Shrimp (curry/devilled)

Egg plant Moju

Cashew Curry with Green peas

Dhal/Lentil Curry

Kale malluma

Deviled (Baduma)Banana flower

Gotukola Sambol

Potato Deviled/Curry

Coconut Sambol

Mixed Vegetable Salad

Any Vegetable Curry

Please note: price depends on the size of the order.