Marie Biscuit Pudding$3.50
A frozen dessert consisted of Sri Lankan Marie Biscuit soaked in milk and layered with Hershey chocolate paste
Caramel Pudding$3.50
Caramelized sugar coated caramel Pudding
Sri Lankan type of Flan as a combination of Dark brown sugar, coconut milk, egg and cardamom & nutmeg powder
Ice cream$2.50
Vanilla bean or Chocolate
Kiri Panny$3.50
Thick & Creamy plain yogurt glazed with palm Treacle and cashew
Sweet Coconut Cake$3.50
Caramelized sweet coconut rolled in home made Sri Lankan Sweet Pancake . (2 Pcs)
Sri Lankan Chocolate Roll$3.50
Sri Lankan Chocolate Swiss Roll glazed with Hershey chocolate syrup