Sri Lankan Speciality

Rice cooked in your favorite stock, herbs and spices. Comes with your choice of protein, fried egg, mint symbol & cucumber salad - Veggie 9.00, Chicken/Pork 10.00, Chicken boneless 10.50, Beef 12.00, Mutton 13.00, Shrimp 14.00, Mixed 16.00
Sri Lankan style cut tortilla mixed with your choice of meat, eggs, carrots, leaks, garlic and herbs on the griddle - Veggie 9.00, Eggs 9.00, Chicken 10.00, Pork 10.00, Beef 11.00, Mutton 12.00, Fish/Shrimp 13.00, Mixed 16.00 Add cheese 2.00
Pan fried yellow rice comes with your choice of protein, egg plant moju, plantain curry, seenisambol, fish cutlet and fried egg - Veggie/Egg 12.00, Chicken 13.00, Pork 14.00, Beef/Fish/Shrimp 15.00, Mutton 16.00, Mixed 17.00
Nasi Goreng$12.00
Indonesian spicy fired rice mixed with sausage, shrimp, sweet chili, egg and pineapple deviled
Rice & Curry$9.00
Choice of meat or fish comes with two veggies cooked in coconut milk with traditional herbs and spices, green & crackers - Veggie 9.00, Egg 9.00, Chicken 10.00, Pork 10, Beef 12.00, Mutton 13.00, Fish/Shrimp 13.00
Sri Lankan Fried Noodles$8.00
Steamed noodles pan fried with eggs, carrots, leaks. Comes with your favorite gravy & chili paste - Veggie 8, Egg 9, Chicken 10, Chicken Boneless 11, Pork 11, Beef 12, Mutton 13, Fish/Shrimp 13, Mixed 15
Sri Lankan Fried Rice$8.00
Steamed rice fried in a wok with eggs, carrots, leeks and other herbs served with your favorite deviled chili paste. Come with a choice of meat or fish - Veggie 8.00, Egg 9.00, Chicken 10.00, Chicken Boneless 10.50, Pork 11.00, Fish/Shrimp 13, Mutton/Beef 14, Mixed 16
Yellow Rice$10.00
Pan fried yellow rice cooked with herbs, cashews, seenisambol & fried egg. Comes with your choice of meat or fish - Chicken 10.00, Chicken Boneless 11.00, Pork 10.00, Beef 11.00, Mutton 12, Fish/Shrimp 13

Sri Lankan Fusions

Sweet Chili Curry$10.00
Overnight seasoned, cooked in coconut milk, veggies and Sri Lankan herbs & spices served with steamed Basmati rice - Chicken 10.00/ Shrimp 13.00
Curry Chicken Burrito$7.99
Chicken wrapped in tortilla with rice, cheese, tomato, jalapeños, beans served with house special salad & pickle
Sri Lankan Home-made Spicy Burger$7.50
House special beef burger comes with pickle & fried veggies served with house special sauce
Pork Pol Rotti Sandwich$5.99
Pan baked sandwich made with flour, carrots, curry leaves, green chilies served with pork gravy Beef 6.99
Spicy Pancake Bomb$7.99
Deviled potato with crushed chili and cheese wrapped in Sri Lankan pancake served with house special sauce

Stew or Gravy
Served with Basmati steamed rice


Seasoned and deep fried meat/seafood. Served with Basmati steamed rice.