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3 days 4 buffets

Each with a variety of choices to tantalize your tastebuds

We are serving very unique four buffets over the weekend. A nice blend of Sri Lankan authentic and fusion dishes, cooked with all-natural high-quality ingredients, fused with natural herbs and spices imported from Sri Lanka.

All the buffets are $15.99 + tax and any non-alcoholic beverage can be added to the buffet for only $0.99.

A new and exciting buffet experience is coming soon as we expand our business. More details to be announced.


From 11.30AM - 3:00PM

It’s called Street food Buffet with Sri Lankan acoustic music. Our street food are very famous and unique in the world. Kottu, hoppers, string hoppers, Godamba, Vade and deviled meat are very popular among the Sri Lankan community.


Lunch 11:30AM - 3:00PM
Dinner 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Lunch Buffet is perfect for the family gatherings and friend reunions. Its filled with our Sri Lankan specialties like fried rice, Kottu, noodles and Biryani. Seafood and meat dishes served with great variety and we are serving you an amazing spread of vegetables.

Saturday Dinner buffet is very similar to Friday Street food night.


From 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Here we go. We claim it as the largest Sri Lankan Brunch buffet in the United States. You are experiencing a very authentic Sri Lankan dine-in environment while enjoying all the Sri Lankan breakfast and lunch items.


You got the questions, we got the answers!

Do drinks come free with buffet?

Any non-alcoholic drink (tea/coffee/fresh juice) is $0 .99 for all 3 buffets.

Can I use a to-go box to pick some items from buffet?

Yes, absolutely. We only charge $6.99 per pound.

Why is the price expensive compared to other local buffets?

We are the only Sri Lankan Restaurant in Texas, serving a unique buffet with this variety and a wide spread. All the dishes in the buffet are cooked with very high-quality ingredients and natural herbs and spices which are imported from Sri Lanka. In our buffet, you are enjoying a very healthy and flavorsome meal.

I have seen buffet on clay-pots before. What happened?

We started serving our buffet in clay pots to provide you a unique and authentic experience. We learn things by doing and it was not a success. Maintaining heat and quality of the food was a continuous failure when using clay pots. Client feedback was not great and our main priority is client satisfaction so we decided to stop serving buffet in clay pots.

My question is not here

Its our pleasure to answer any question you have. Contact us via phone (469-629-9191) or email (