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Experience a fusion of Indian and Sri Lankan flavors at Spicy Zest Canteen, your Indo-Sri Lankan
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About us

Welcome to Spicy Zest Canteen
Where Culinary Artistry Meets Cultural Heritage to Deliver an Unforgettable Dining Experience.

As your guide through this aromatic adventure, we take pride in presenting our story, our passion, and our commitment to crafting delectable HALAL delights.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavors that define Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine. With roots tracing back to the vibrant streets of South Asia, our dishes encapsulate generations of tradition and culinary artistry. At Spicy Zest Canteen, we stand as a testament to the fusion of cultures, offering you an authentic taste of our heritage.

Read more Read moreWelcome to Spicy Zest Canteen<br>Where Culinary Artistry Meets Cultural Heritage to Deliver an Unforgettable Dining Experience.
About us
Halal | Natural | Organic | Fresh

Why Dine at Spicy Zest Canteen?

Spicy Zest Canteen offers a delightful culinary experience that harmoniously combines the rich flavors of Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine with a dedication to Halal, natural, organic, and fresh ingredients. The canteen's commitment to quality is evident in every dish, reflecting a balance between tradition and health-consciousness. Their Halal certification ensures inclusivity, while a focus on sourcing natural and organic ingredients guarantees both taste and nutrition. The canteen's emphasis on crafting dishes from scratch using locally sourced produce results in an authentic menu devoid of artificial additives. From aromatic biryanis to flavorful curries, Spicy Zest's offerings embody South Asian culinary traditions while promoting mindful consumption. It stands as a dining beacon that nourishes both the palate and well-being.

100% Halal Certified

Spicy Zest Canteen proudly boasts a 100% Halal certification, ensuring an inclusive and respectful dining experience for all.

Menu for every taste

Immerse yourself in a varied menu that caters to all tastes, guaranteeing a pleasurable experience for locals, all while relishing the genuine flavors of Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine at its peak.

Always fresh ingredients

Embark on an authentic culinary journey through Indo - Sri Lankan cuisine as we uphold our dedication to employing solely the freshest, organic spices and flavors, crafting a memorable and genuine dining expedition.

Business Hours

If you need to book a private event, please reach out to us via phone or email.

Monday to Sunday
11 : 00 AM
10 : 00 PM


Grilled & Sandwich

(Comes with Rice & Coleslaw– Level of Spicy – Mild , Medium, Spicy)

Sri Lankan Specials


(special home-made flat noodles mixed with spices & Veggies & choice of Protein)

Sri Lankan Specials


(Pan-fried Rice with Herbs & spices, wrapped in a banana leaf with Plantain curry, Seenisambol (Onion Chutney with Tamarind), Eggplant Moju (Pickel), Cutlet & Fried Egg with choice of Protein)

Rice & Curry

(1 veggie, Dhal, Choice of Protein, Chutney or Sambol)

Yellow Rice

(Savory Rice with Seenisambol, Dhal Curry, Cutlet and Choice of your protein)

Sri Lankan Combo Specials $20

String Hoppers-Indi Appam/Hoppers-Appam/ Pittu-Puttu/ Roast Paan

(Comes with 1 curry & 1 Sambol or Chutney)

Sweet & Sour

(Comes with Rice & Coleslaw– Level of Spicy – Mild , Medium, Spicy)


Family Packs (1/2 Tray size)


What Our Customers Say About Us

At Spicy Zest Canteen, we value customer feedback and reviews immensely, motivating us to consistently elevate our food and service excellence, ensuring an extraordinary dining experience.

Based on 102 reviews
Meaghan Nowell
Meaghan Nowell
23 July 2023
Such a great little local restaurant. I had never tried Sri Lankan food before, but all the food here is absolutely delicious! the servers and everyone that works here is super friendly and excited to teach people about the food. And on Saturdays, they have a Buffet, which is a great option if you want to be able to explore a new cuisine. They even have live entertainment some nights and a small selection of grocery items.
Wyll Gray
Wyll Gray
23 July 2023
I loved this place! We stopped in here on a whim not knowing what to expect and was blown away. The food was amazing! They have a buffet on Saturday and we got to try so many different foods we had never tried before. I tried everything and it was ALL good. I also have to mention the staff. Everyone was kind and attentive. The restaurant was busy but they made us feel as if we were the only ones there. They 100% added to the experience and everyone working made sure we were satisfied with our meal. The live music was great as well! 10/10 We will be back!
Clever Buying Houses
Clever Buying Houses
21 July 2023
Beautiful people and Mouth watering food. Saturday & Sunday Dinner buffets. Many vegan and non-vegan options.. Goat curry is so good
Supuni Dhameera Silva
Supuni Dhameera Silva
29 May 2023
I went there on a Saturday evening with a few friends to give a friend a birthday surprise. The restaurant had some great Sri Lankan Sinhalese music (Baila songs). There was a group of Tamil speaking guests in the restaurant, and the staff was kind enough to play some fast beat Tamil songs as well to entertain those guests. The restaurant has some space for dancing, if you want to dance. Some guests were dancing there on the day we went. The staff was very welcoming and gave us an amazing service. They took care of bringing the surprise birthday cake to the table with candles (we gave them those in advance). The staff went an extra mile to switch off the lights and play the Happy Birthday song. Food was delicious! Since there was a buffet on that day, we got to taste a lot of different food. It was an absolutely pleasant experience, not just because of good food, but great and friendly service! We will definitely visit again!
Keng Low
Keng Low
21 May 2023
Decided to try a new place, new food. Ceylonese food is new to me and went over on Tuesday. The server spent 10 minutes explaining everything on the menu ( bless her heart :-) ) and I ended up getting some standard fare. Food was good, not significantly different from South Indian fare unsurprisingly. Dishes like the hopper was new and tasty. What intrigued me was the Saturday night buffet. Told the owner I will be back. Its now Saturday night and I just waddled out of the place completely full. This place is legit and the price is only a shockingly low $20 with a full buffet and a grill outside serving up freshly grilled meats. Also hoppers and roti and milk tea was available and I really ate too much. Check out the pictures and you cant wait till Saturday 5:30 pm. Its BYOB and it gets pretty full later in the evening with live music
Jay Jayasuriya
Jay Jayasuriya
8 May 2023
Delicious 😋 Sri Lankan food!!!
Dinithi Dedduwage
Dinithi Dedduwage
2 May 2023
Authentic Sri Lankan food with amazing hospitality. Make sure to check out the Saturday buffet. You won’t regret it 😍 Also, shout out to Mayomi for running such a smooth operation!
taylor smith
taylor smith
9 April 2023
Service was AMAZING. The waitress was patient and sweet, explained each dish thoroughly as it was our first time there and gave us wonderful suggestions. We got the lunch plate which was a suggestion from the waitress, so we could try multiple things! For my plate, I got both fried and yellow rice, stew chicken and deviled beef. Both rices were cooked perfectly. The chicken was soo tender, savory, and well seasoned, falling off the bone! The beef was very unique, it was sweet and savory, pairing perfectly with the rice. As we ate, we could tell the food was made with love! I also got a Sri Lankan coffee that was so delicious we’re considering making SpicyZest our morning stop! Staff was very welcoming and kind! They took the time to tell us about their natural ingredients and where they came from! Most of their ingredients are straight from Sri Lanka where they prepare them in restaurant! 10/10 recommend this restaurant if you’re looking to try Sri Lankan dishes. ♡

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Unleashing the Power of Nature With Fresh Juices
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Indulge in a Culinary Delight: Experience the 100% Halal Certified Weekend Buffet at Spicy Zest Canteen

Looking for a delectable dining experience that seamlessly blends authenticity, quality, and variety? Look no further than the 100% Halal Certified weekend buffet at Spicy Zest Canteen. Every Saturday and Sunday from 5 PM onwards, embark on a journey through the rich flavors of Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine, meticulously prepared with natural, organic, and fresh spices, promising a memorable feast for your taste buds.

A Feast for the Senses

At Spicy Zest Canteen, the weekend buffet isn’t just a meal – it’s an experience that celebrates the art of culinary craftsmanship. As you step into the welcoming ambiance, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of exquisite flavors. The aroma of perfectly blended spices fills the air, and your senses are treated to an array of vibrant colors and textures that adorn the buffet spread.

Authentic Indo-Sri Lankan Mastery

Experience the essence of two diverse culinary traditions harmoniously combined into a symphony of taste. Our team of skilled chefs takes pride in presenting you with the finest selection of dishes that reflect the true spirit of both Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines. From aromatic biryanis to flavorful curries, each dish showcases the region’s culinary heritage, prepared with a contemporary touch.

Unveiling the BBQ Action Corner

The excitement doesn’t stop there – our buffet also features a sizzling BBQ action corner. Watch as our skilled chefs grill succulent cuts of meat to perfection, right before your eyes. The tantalizing aroma and the sounds of sizzling goodness will surely whet your appetite, adding an interactive and lively element to your dining experience.

Natural, Organic, and Fresh Flavors

What sets Spicy Zest Canteen apart is our unwavering commitment to using only the best ingredients. We believe in the power of natural, organic, and fresh spices to elevate each dish to new heights of flavor. With every bite, you’ll taste the authenticity that comes from using premium ingredients and time-tested recipes.

Fusion Delights

For those seeking a modern twist, our fusion items are sure to captivate your taste buds. Experience the magic that happens when traditional flavors meet contemporary creativity. Our fusion dishes are a testament to the evolving nature of cuisine, offering you a unique and memorable dining adventure.

A Bounty of Choices

Our weekend buffet spoils you for choice with over 50+ dishes meticulously curated to cater to every palate. And the indulgence doesn’t stop at the main course – enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and fresh juices that perfectly complement the array of flavors laid before you.

Unwind and Delight

Spicy Zest Canteen offers more than just a meal; it’s an invitation to unwind, relax, and indulge in a gastronomic journey like no other. Bring your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to share in the experience, and leave with hearts and stomachs full.

Boba and Juice Bar: A Unique Delight

As a distinctive addition to our culinary ensemble, Spicy Zest Canteen boasts a specialized Boba and juice bar. Elevate your experience with a range of tantalizing Boba tea options and refreshing juices that add an extra layer of uniqueness to your visit.

Join Us for a Weekend to Remember

Discover the magic of the 100% Halal Certified weekend buffet at Spicy Zest Canteen. Every Saturday and Sunday from 5 PM onwards, prepare to be swept away by the authenticity, quality, and variety that define our culinary masterpiece. Book your table now and create memories over a feast that celebrates the beauty of flavors.

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