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Experience Sri Lankan cuisine at Spicy Zest Canteen, North Richland Hills' top Indo-Sri Lankan restaurant with 100% Halal Certification.
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Spicy Zest Canteen

Welcome to Spicy Zest Canteen, where flavors from the heart of Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine converge in a gastronomic journey like no other. As your guide through this aromatic adventure, we take pride in presenting our story, our passion, and our commitment to crafting delectable HALAL delights.

Best Chef Award<br>2017
Best Chef Award
Best Restaurant<br>in Dallas 2021-2023
Best Restaurant
in Dallas 2021-2023
#1 Café in<br>Farmers Branch
#1 Café in
Farmers Branch

Indulge in Culinary Heritage:

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavors that define Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine. With roots tracing back to the vibrant streets of South Asia, our dishes encapsulate generations of tradition and culinary artistry. At Spicy Zest Canteen, we stand as a testament to the fusion of cultures, offering you an authentic taste of our heritage.

Meet the Maestro Behind the Magic:

Behind each dish is our Founder and CEO, Nimidu Senaratne, a seasoned professional with a deep-seated passion for the culinary arts. Nimidu’s journey began with a diploma in Hotel Management from the prestigious Swiss Lanka Hotel School, followed by a journey that led him through Sri Lanka, the UK, and Singapore. His experience working with renowned hotel chains, including The Hilton and The Marriott Corporations, is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence.

Crafting Memories, One Dish at a Time:

At Spicy Zest Canteen, we believe in curating experiences through every dish we serve. Our menu is a carefully curated selection of Indo-Sri Lankan classics, crafted with precision and love. Whether you’re savoring our aromatic biryanis, indulging in our fiery curries, or relishing our mouthwatering seafood specialties, each bite is an invitation to explore the diverse flavors of our heritage.

Inclusivity at Our Core:

We take pride in being a dining destination that embraces diversity. Our doors are open to all – from local families seeking innovative culinary experiences to our esteemed patrons from the Middle East, Arab countries, and various ethnic backgrounds. Our HALAL certification ensures that every dish is prepared with utmost care, catering to the preferences of our Muslim community.

A Haven for Healthy Palates:

Eating well doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor, and at Spicy Zest Canteen, we are devoted to delivering the best of both worlds. Our menu boasts a range of nutritious options that cater to health-conscious diners, offering a delightful harmony of taste and wellness.

Locally Rooted, Globally Inspired:

Situated in the heart of North Richland Hills, Texas, Spicy Zest Canteen brings the world to your plate. We have curated our menu to resonate with the discerning tastes of our local community, while also serving as an ambassador of Indo-Sri Lankan cuisine to those who seek culinary authenticity.

Join Us on a Flavorsome Odyssey:

At Spicy Zest Canteen, every meal is an invitation to travel through time and taste, transcending borders and uniting cultures through the language of food. As we approach our milestone of a decade in excellence, our commitment to enriching lives through flavors burns brighter than ever.

Begin your culinary adventure at Spicy Zest Canteen today. Our doors are open to you, your family, and your friends – to explore, indulge, and create lasting memories through the art of food.


Why Dine with Spicy Zest Canteen?

Experience a symphony of Authentic Indo-Sri Lankan flavors at Spicy Zest Canteen in North Richland Hills, Texas, where tradition and innovation meld seamlessly in every dish curated by culinary virtuoso Nimidu Senaratne. With HALAL certification for confident dining, relish in nutritious options that embrace both health and taste. Celebrate unity through diverse palates, and embark on a culinary journey with a decade of excellence. Craft unforgettable memories with exquisite offerings, from aromatic biryanis to fiery curries, as your culinary odyssey begins at Spicy Zest Canteen. Elevate your dining experience – reserve your table now!

100% Halal Certified

With a sense of pride, Spicy Zest Canteen stands as a bearer of a complete 100% Halal certification, guaranteeing a dining environment that is both all-encompassing and respectful to all patrons.

Menu for every taste

Indulge in a diverse menu catering to every palate, ensuring a delightful experience for locals, while savoring the authenticity of Sri Lankan cuisine at its finest.

Always fresh ingredients

Experience the true essence of Sri Lankan cuisine with our commitment to utilizing only the freshest, organic spices and flavors, creating an authentic and unforgettable dining adventure.

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