Spicy Zest Meal of the Week

Considered the national dish of the country, Sri Lankan rice and curry consists of steaming hot, fluffy rice (samba or kakulu varieties) that is served with a variety of side dishes commonly called curries. There are typically at least three (ideally five) different curries served along with the rice, one of which is usually based on fish or meat, and the other two are based on vegetables.

Common accompaniments to rice and curry include sambol (a Sri Lankan relish), a gravy or hodda with spices and coconut milk, mallum (chopped leaves with coconut), and fried crispy foods such as papadams. This specialty is a typical home-cooked dish and an undisputed staple on restaurant menus throughout Sri Lanka.

It is enjoyed every day, usually for lunch, although it can also be consumed as a dinner or very rarely as a breakfast, and it is traditionally eaten with hands.