Bubble Tea Flavors That Can Add To Your Delight

Bubble tea has recently emerged as one of the popular drinks. However, many individuals may be curious to try these drinks but may not know what and how to get one from the bubble tea shop. What makes these drinks unique is that they come with many different add-in options. Some may like cold, hot, with or without tapioca balls. No matter what, one or two of these flavors will surely stick to your taste buds.

Most Flavourful Boba Tea To Try Out

If you are not much of a sweet tooth person, you can always discuss with your bubble tea barista of the restaurant bar and grill and lower the sugar content of your tea. Keep reading to know more about the different flavors of boba tea you need to try.

1. Black Or Milk Tea

It is the most basic yet classic flavor option of bubble tea. For first-timers, this flavor is a great starter. You can keep it simple or choose to experiment with it. The other available milk tea options are Thai, Mocha Latte, Java Chip, Caramel Latte, and Jasmin Milk Tea, with popping boba as an add-on.

2. Fruit Tea

This bubble tea flavor is for those in love with a fruity palate. Fruity-flavored tea just out of a fresh juice blender will surely bring back a boatload of childhood memories with the available options in strawberry, mango, peach, passion fruit, and pineapple. However, its consistency may not be thick enough like that of a smoothie despite the thick texture of the fruits.

3. Taro Milk Tea

This purple-colored bubble tea is tempting for not just its color but also its taste. It is creamy, flavourful, refreshing, and typically made of a taro root mixture, especially for smoothies and bubble tea. Some individuals at the bubble tea shop even agree that it has a rich vanilla nut-like taste.

4. Matcha Milk Tea

This boba tops the list of most loved bubble tea flavors and is readily available in coffee shops for lattes and other drinks. The main ingredient is matcha powder, often mixed with a splash of almond milk, honey, or other sweeteners, along with the popping boba balls. A good mixture of matcha milk tea ought to have a good texture and creamy consistency up to the depth.

5. Brown Sugar Or Tiger Milk Tea

It is the unique and must-try flavor of boba tea and is easy to prepare at home with just a few ingredients. The creamy texture of this boba tea is a combination of milk tea, sugar, milk, and tapioca pearls. It derives its name from the brown sugar syrup stripes poured along the glass’s edges like a tiger while preparing. Moreover, depending on the type of brown sugar used, the tone of the tea can vary from orange to brown.

Savor Upon The Flavors Of Boba!

Convinced enough to try one from the nearest bubble tea shop, the flavors would not disappoint you. Spicy Zest offers a range of drinks and boba in their cafe for you to relish. Contact us to book a table or visit us to try healthy South Asian cuisines.