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Sri Lankan Black Tea with Fresh Ginger

Sugar in or Jaggery on the side.

Sri Lankan Milk Tea with fresh ginger

Sugar in or Jaggery on the side.

Black Coffee
$1.99 Sales Tax

Sugar in or on the side.

Sri Lankan Harischandra Special Coffee

Sugar in or Jaggery on the side.

Milk Coffee
$4.00 Sales Tax

Sri Lankan Harischandra special coffee. Sugar in or on the...

Hot Chocolate
$4.00 Sales Tax

Real chocolate and milk with whipped cream on top.

Juices, Lassi, & Cordials

Fresh Juices
$4.00$6.00 Sales Tax

(100% freshly squeezed)

$4.00$5.00 Sales Tax

Blended with yogurt.

$5.00 Sales Tax

Blend with sugar, lime & ice.

Zesty Specials

Iced Tea
$3.50 Sales Tax

Brewed with Ceylon BOP.

Iced Coffee
$6.00 Sales Tax
$6.00 Sales Tax

Rose syrup, milk, basil seeds & ice cream.

Dalgona coffee
$6.00 Sales Tax

Fresh milk, homemade coffee paste with chocolate syrup.


Sri Lankan Roll

$1.89$2.19 Sales Tax

Stuffing wrapped in a homemade pancake, crumbed & deep-fried.

Fish Bun

$2.25 Sales Tax

Stuffing wrapped in a flour blanket, egg wash glazed &...

Seeni Sambol Bun

$1.99 Sales Tax

Spicy, tangy & sweet caramelized onion bun.


$1.79$2.19 Sales Tax

Stuffing wrapped in a buttery & crispy flour blanket, egg-washed...


$0.99$1.69 Sales Tax

Stuffed balls, flour washed, crumbed & deep-fried.

Stuffed Roti

$2.79$3.25 Sales Tax

Thin flatbread wrapped around a protein.

Puff Pastries

$2.79$3.49 Sales Tax

Delicious puff pastry filled with protein.

Salads & Sides

Egg Plant Moju Salad

$8.00 Sales Tax

Chinese eggplant strips deep-fried and cooked with vinegar and secret...

Coconut Sambol

$7.00 Sales Tax

Shredded coconut hand-mixed with lime, salt, chili, black pepper &...

Seasonal Veggies with Gravy

$9.00 Sales Tax

Veggies cooked with spices & coconut milk.

Bitter Melon Salad

$7.00 Sales Tax

Sliced & fried bitter melon/gourd, tossed with lime & pepper....


$8.00 Sales Tax

Half-sliced onion pan-fried with mustard, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, chili &...

Sri Lankan Specialties


$10.00$16.00 Sales Tax

Homemade thin and soft roti chopped up, pan-toasted with veggies,...


$14.00$19.00 Sales Tax

Pan-fried rice (with cashews, mustard seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves,...


$10.00$19.00 Sales Tax

Protein seasoned overnight, deep-fried & pan-fried with veggies in a...

Fried Rice

$10.00$17.00 Sales Tax

Pan-fried rice with scrambled egg, choice of protein & veggies....

Rice & Curry

$10.00$17.00 Sales Tax

Steamed basmati rice with three veggies, choice of protein &...

Yellow Rice

$11.00$17.00 Sales Tax

Pan-fried rice with cashews, mustard seeds, onion, ginger, garlic &...

Fried Noodles

$10.00$17.00 Sales Tax

Sri Lankan wheat noodles pan toasted with veggies, scrambled egg...

Sri Lankan Gravy or Stew

$11.00$18.00 Sales Tax

Meat seasoned and marinated for 48 hours. Served with basmati...

Special Family-Style Meal

Sri Lankan Special Crab Curry

$50.00 Sales Tax

Three Snow Crab legs cooked with Sri Lankan herbs and spices. Served with roasted Sri Lankan bread, egg roti, godambe roti, basmati rice, and coconut sambol. (Serves three people) - 60-minute prep time. Please order at least one hour in advance.

Sri Lankan Flavor with a Twist

$10.00$13.00 Sales Tax

Meat cooked in special Sri Lankan gravy with chick peas,...

$10.00$17.00 Sales Tax

Cooked rice with your favorite protein stock & veggies. Toasted...

Nasi Goreng
$13.00 Sales Tax

Spicy Indonesian fried rice with Sri Lankan flavors, shrimp, chicken,...

Sweet Chili Curry
$10.00$16.00 Sales Tax

Thai style red curry with seasonal veggies and Sri Lankan...

Spicy Burger
$10.00 Sales Tax

Home-made burger with a twist of Sri Lankan flavors. Served...

Sri Lankan Zesty Taco
$10.00$14.00 Sales Tax

Grilled protein seasoned with Sri Lankan spices. Served with lettuce,...

Zesty Bowl
$13.00$15.00 Sales Tax

Combination of rice & chopped roti pan tossed with tomato,...

Pol Roti Sandwich
$8.00$10.00 Sales Tax

Sri Lankan flatbread (Combination of shredded coconut, chopped onion, green...

Zesty Wings
$6.00 Sales Tax

Chicken jumbo wings marinated with Sri Lankan herbs & spices,...

Evening Specials

Roti Combo

Three coconut roti. Served with one sambol & one curry.

$17.00 Sales Tax

Coconut Roti (2)

Flour dough combined with grated coconut, onion, chili & salt,...

$6.00 Sales Tax

Pittu Combo

One pittu bamboo. Served with one sambol, any one curry,...

$16.00 Sales Tax


Sri Lankan rice flour tossed with grated coconut and steamed...

$7.00 Sales Tax

String Combo

Red or white ten-string hoppers. Served with any sambol and...

$16.00 Sales Tax

String Hopper (Stack of 5)

Red or white rice flour noodles steamed on a mold....

$5.00 Sales Tax

Godamba Combo

Combination of any three godamba & egg rotis with any...

$19.00 Sales Tax

Egg Roti

Very thin Sri Lankan roti, with egg, salt & pepper...

$3.50 Sales Tax

Godamba Roti

Very thin Sri Lankan roti, griddled (2pcs). Served with chicken...

$3.50 Sales Tax

Hopper Combo

Any three hoppers. Served with any sambol & any one...

$16.00 Sales Tax


Sri Lankan crispy rice crepes. Served with crushed onion &...

$2.25$2.75 Sales Tax


Sri Lankan Curd & Treacle
$5.50 Sales Tax

Home-made curd served with treacle and cashews.

Sri Lankan Chocolate Roll

Home made Sri Lankan Swiss rolls garnished with chocolate syrup.

Marie Biscuit pudding
$5.50 Sales Tax

Layers of chocolate and Marie biscuit dipped in milk.

Two sweet pancakes stuffed with caramelized coconut.

Cream Caramel
$4.50 Sales Tax

Custard dessert with a layer of clear caramel sauce.

$5.50 Sales Tax

Traditional flan made with coconut milk, egg & palm syrup...