List Of Top Authentic Srilankan Cuisines To Taste This New Year!

If you are a vegan or vegetarian who loves to taste delectable cuisines of the ultimate and mouth-watering tastes, consider experiencing wholesome and tasty Srilankan food. Made with love and a bunch of healthy and nutritious green vegetables, cashew nuts, and coconut milk, you can taste delicacy in the aesthetically cooked Sri Lankan food. 

Every individual today is diving into a newfound mission of avoiding junk food and building their diet plans and meals around whole grains and nutrient-rich sustainable food. Besides, you have an added advantage if you are in Sri Lanka for a corporate stay. You can visit our best coffee shop in Farmers Branch or explore our latest collection of spicy vegan delicacies.

Explore Our Exclusive Weekend-Special Srilankan Cuisines

Nutritionists suggest that the best way to incorporate a healthy diet into your daily regime is by adding some authentic Srilankan cuisines to your lifestyle. Besides helping you reduce extra fat and unwanted weight, Sri Lankan food is beneficial for eliminating inflammatory conditions. You can also try our best specialty cocktails and jazz up your evening with exquisite taste. If you are still wondering whether adding it to your diet is good, continue reading to find out some of our exclusive cuisines incorporated precisely with superlative spices.

1.Kottu Roti Made With Extra Love

If you are wondering what this weird dish might taste like and why it’s adored the most by Sri Lankan Residents, you have come to the right place. At Spicy Zest, we delicately make the popular kottu roti and serve it with an ideal curry dish per your choice. The roti is made from multiple grains, keeping your health and well-being in mind. Moreover, fried vegetables and onions add a layer of extra delicacy to the special cuisine. Pair the roti with our yet mesmerizing best specialty cocktails, and immediately forget all your unwanted stress and tension. 

2. The Precisely Made Lump Of Rice- Lumprais

If you love to try special varieties of rice across the continents and are wondering which one to taste next, consider trying out our most-loved Lumprais. The delicacy is often jazzed up with a banana leaf and glutinous rice. You can experience raw and authentic grain-filled rice and spicy onions deep fried with butter.

3. Fall In Love With The Sri Lankan Style Devilled Chicken

If you are searching for a one-stop restaurant to find the best spicy chickens and a popular Sri Lankan-style devilled Chicken, consider visiting Spicy Zest. We are also known to serve the best specialty cocktails for all the drink lovers wondering about having an unforgettable evening with their loved ones. Surprisingly, once you taste our spiciest devilled chicken, you will definitely come back wanting more and might even be convinced to bring your family or loved ones to experience our authentic and raw tastes. 

Experience Perfection In Our Authentic & Spiciest Raw Cuisines!

If you have yet to experience different spiciest Sri Lankan delicacies, consider visiting our Spicy Zest restaurant in Farmers Branch, TX. You can visit our reputed and one of the best coffee shop North Richland hills. Experience perfect hospitality, friendly staff, great taste, and traditional varieties of Sri Lankan cuisine. You can even order your favorite groceries and weekend special Sri Lankan fusion made with love and authenticity. Contact us today and explore our unique menu and order your favorite coffee, drinks, dishes, herbal products, snacks, and desserts.