Deviled Chicken

Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its unique blend of flavors, influenced by various cultures and spices indigenous to the island. With its rich history and diverse influences, this cuisine has been a favorite of food lovers worldwide. But what if you could take these flavors and twist them, blending them with other popular cuisines to create something truly special? That’s the idea behind our Sri Lankan Flavor with a Twist menu at the coffee shops farmers branch, featuring dishes that take the classic flavors of the native cuisine and infuse them with unexpected ingredients and techniques.

Exploring The Fusion Menu Of Our Halal Restaurant

Our twist menu celebrates the bold and vibrant flavors for which the cuisine is known. From the zesty tacos to the curry burrito, each dish offers a unique fusion of flavors that will tantalize the taste buds. Continue reading this blog to explore each dish on the special twist menu.

1. Curry Burrito

This dish is a fusion of Sri Lankan and Mexican cuisine. The burrito is made with meat cooked in a special gravy, chickpeas, and veggies wrapped in rice and cheese. It is served with raita, a traditional Indian yogurt-based condiment that helps to cool down the spiciness of the curry at our cafe and coffee shop. The blend of flavors creates a unique and delicious taste that will satisfy any craving.

2. Biryani

Biryani is a classic Indian dish that has become popular worldwide. The dish is made with cooked rice and your choice of protein stock and veggies, all toasted in a pan with special spices. It is served with raita, a fresh mint sambol, and a deep-fried egg on the side. The mix of spices used in this dish gives it a rich and fragrant aroma, making it a flavorful and filling meal.

3. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a spicy Indonesian fried rice dish given a Sri Lankan twist and made available at our coffee shops farmers branch restaurant. The dish is made with shrimp, chicken, turkey sausage, scrambled egg, and a sunny-side-up egg. It is served with deviled pineapple salad and chili paste on the side. Combining these flavors creates a unique and spicy taste that will tantalize the taste buds. 

4. Sweet Chili Curry

This Thai-style red curry is made with seasonal veggies, secret herbs, and spices. It is served with steamed rice. The dish has a mild sweetness and spiciness that is perfectly balanced, making it a great choice for those who want to try something new but not too spicy.

5. Spicy Burger

This homemade burger is given a twist with the addition of spicy chutney sauce on the side. It is served with lettuce, tomato, fried veggies, and french fries. The burger is prepared with fresh ingredients, and the spicy chutney sauce adds a kick to the taste and can delight your visit to our bubble tea shop.

6. Sri Lankan Zesty Taco

This grilled protein seasoned with native spices is served in a taco shell with lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, cabbage, cheese, guacamole, and curd and spicy sauce on top. The blend of special flavors makes this taco unique and delicious.

7. Zesty Bowl

This dish combines rice and chopped roti pan tossed with tomato, banana pepper, onion, scrambled egg, shrimp, and cheese. It is served with a sunny-side-up egg and raita on top. This dish’s blend of textures and flavors makes it a satisfying and filling meal.

8. Pol Roti Sandwich

This unique flatbread is made with shredded coconut, chopped onion, green chili, and curry leaves with flour. It is filled with protein, coconut sambol, and cheese, making it a flavorful and satisfying sandwich.

9. Zesty Wings (4)

These jumbo chicken wings are marinated with native and exotic herbs and spices, crumbed and deep-fried, and served with two special house sauces. The spicy and crispy wings are a great snack or appetizer that is sure to please any crowd.

Enjoy Fusion Cuisine At Our Halal Restaurant!

Whether you’re looking for something spicy or mild, savory or sweet, the menu at Spicy Zest has something for everyone. So come and join us on a culinary adventure as we take the classic flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine and give them a modern twist. Visit our Spicy Zest cafe & boba and get to experience all the flavors of a traditional halal restaurant. Book your reservation at the coffee shops farmers branch with us today!