Spend A Eventful Evening In A Halal Restaurant

As the sun sets, there is no shortage of adventures in North Richland Hills. From live music to cocktails on the rooftops, make sure your Friday karaoke farmers branch includes a night out. Spicy Zest is an ideal spot for spending your evenings if you like to explore, spend quality time, and try different cuisines. It is a pretty cafe located in Farmers Branch, TX, and the interior is cozy and comfortable. While our menu includes yummy options of Sri Lankan Cuisines and Halal meat, the staff is great and offers awesome service.

Options To Explore On Your Visit To The Halal Restaurant

If you are looking to make your Friday nights or the weekend eventful, consider visiting Spicy Zest. We arrange different types of events which are coupled with fine drinks and great food. Continue reading this blog to know more about our menu options and the events organized.

1. Farmers Branch Family Night Reservation

Spicy Zest is here in Farmers Branch, TX, with the most lit restaurant to make you spend a special karaoke Friday farmers branch night with your family. These special nights feature free margaritas, a buffet, karaoke music, and 100 % authentic Sri Lankan street food to relish all night long. We make family night available only on Friday nights, so make sure to reserve your table in advance. Also, start a little early, as these are also the busiest nights at Spicy Zest.

2. Farmers Branch Buffet Reservation

Spicy Zest offers one of the most extensive weekend buffets in Farmers Branch, TX. As the name suggests, the buffet is open on all Saturdays and Sundays from the morning itself. The buffet at this halal restaurant serves authentic Sri Lankan cuisine with special cation corners in the restaurant only that serves Sri Lankan street food. All the dishes are made using organic and natural herbs that surely enhance their taste.

3. North Richland Hills BBQ Buffet Reservation

Spicy Zest offers the best Farmers Branch-styled barbeque flavors if you want to savor signature halal meat. Get here early for brunch before it gets crowded. We offer all the things one can expect from a bbq buffet in the North Richland Hills. However, the Zesty Fusion and Zesty Specials are a must-try on the menu. Spicy Zest is a must-visit whether you’re in the mood for Tilapia Fried Fish, brisket, ribs, or halal meat.

4. Groove To The Live Karaoke Music

Spicy Zest, since its opening, is leveling up with craft cocktails, fine foods, and live karaoke music. If you are one of those who want to embrace this new form of restaurant, visit us to enjoy the best food and cocktail served on your table while enjoying live karaoke. Friday karaoke farmers branch is all about making friends, singing, dancing, and getting to know strangers. The best part about karaoke is that it lets individuals from different walks of life come together and bond over music.

5. Complimentary Liquor Bar

For your best experience, we serve complimentary mimosas all day long on weekends. The liquor bar complements perfectly with the available food options. Reach out today to enjoy their premium liquors, champagnes, cocktails and margaritas, beers, and wines while hanging out with friends and family.

Discover The Taste Of Different Sri Lankan Cuisines With Spicy Zest!

Taste the best of Richmond’s unique neighborhood with the top-rated and most delicious recipes of Spicy Zest. Make an online reservation for the Friday karaoke farmers branch to enjoy the best halal food, Sri Lankan Cuisine, and the best drinks served on the table. Moreover, we also offer other plant-based foods, bubble tea, and much more for you to have a lip-smacking time here. Contact us to book your table today.