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Enjoy Delicious Bubble tea and smoothies at Spicy Zest

April 8, 2024

Spicy Zest is one of the busiest restaurants in Dallas, well-known for our huge variety of Bubble tea and smoothies, and other flavorsome drinks. We use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to craft our beverages to perfection.

A Wide Selection of Bubble tea and smoothies

Our Bubble tea and smoothie menu features over 50 different drink options to satisfy any palate. We offer classic milk teas and fruit smoothies as well as our own unique flavor creations. Some customer favorites include our mango bubble tea smoothie with popping boba, mixed berry smoothie with yogurt, and our signature Thai tea with honey boba pearls.

No matter what fruits, teas, or milk bases you enjoy, we likely have a bubble tea or smoothie combination you will love. We also allow customers to fully customize their drinks with different boba, jellies, fruit pieces, sweetness levels, and toppings.

What Sets Our Bubble Teas and Smoothies Apart

What makes Spicy Zest a go-to Bubble tea and smoothie shop in Dallas? Here are some of the reasons we stand out:

High Quality Ingredients: We use real fruit purees and juices, premium loose leaf teas, fresh milk and dairy alternatives, and carefully crafted boba and fruit jellies. We never take shortcuts.

Customization Options: Customize just about any aspect of your drink exactly to your preferences. Choose from teas, fruits, milks, sweetness, ice blend, and over 20 toppings.

Unique Flavor Combinations: Along with classic flavors, we have an extensive team that creates new Bubble teas and smoothies recipe. You’ll always find amazing flavors!

Consistent Quality: All our drinks are made meticulously by hand to order. Our staff are professionally trained to perfectly recreate each drink every time.

Quick Service: Even during our busiest rush hours, we can prepare customized drinks in just 3-5 minutes. Our operations are streamlined for speed without sacrificing quality.

No matter which bubble tea smoothie you select, we guarantee an unparalleled flavor experience in every cup.

More than Just Drinks: A Vibrant Cafe Atmosphere

Spicy Zest is more than just a quick bubble tea smoothie stop. It is one of the busiest restaurants in Dallas with comfortable seating, free wifi, and trendy music; our stores provide a modern cafe environment to relax. Many students and professionals treat our locations as their go-to spot to study or work.

Our interiors feature vibrant colors, abstract art, and an open layout. The ambience is energetic and youthful. You’ll often see groups of friends chatting over our signature drinks.

We want Spicy Zest to feel like a second home for our diverse customer base. Our friendly staff learns regulars by name and their favorite orders. New customers feel immediately welcomed to try our ever-changing menu.

Convenient Locations Farmers Branch and North Richland Hills

With cafe locations in both Farmers Branch and North Richland Hills, it’s easy for locals to get their fix of Bubble tea and smoothies.

Our Farmers Branch store is conveniently located near the Valwood Parkway shopping center. We’re just a short drive from Carrollton and Addison.

The North Richland Hills location is right off of Davis Boulevard, making us easy to access from Northeast Tarrant County.

Delivery and Pick Up: Can’t make it to the store? Use our app to order your favorite bubble tea or smoothie for no-contact pick up or delivery. We bring the Spicy Zest flavors straight to you!

Visit our website to find the Spicy Zest nearest you. With our app, you can even order Bubble tea and smoothies for convenient pick up or delivery.

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